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3 Questions to Consider when Choosing Trades Professionals

Have you been dreaming up your next home renovation project? Perhaps you’re looking forward to cooking in a bigger kitchen, enjoying a media room in your finished basement or even knocking down some walls to create an open-concept living area on your main floor. These kinds of major renovations call for doing your due diligence in advance, to make sure you find the best Shuswap trades professionals who will do the job right, on time and on budget – the first time around!

Ultimately, your goal is to find a home service expert that balances impeccable quality with a fair price. Here are three questions to consider that can help you choose skilled trades professionals for your home renovation:

1. What Are You Willing to Invest?

Knowing what investment level you’re comfortable with will help narrow down your options. Do you have a substantial amount to contribute or do you have a more modest budget? A trades professional should be able to provide you with a detailed plan, right down to the finishes. If you have a champagne taste, but are working off a beer budget, ask if there are less expensive options that still offer a first-class look.

2. How Flexible is Your Timeline?

Similar to investing money, you’ll also be investing your time. Can this project be drawn out all summer long, or do you need it to be completed by a certain date? Be up front with your expected timeline and ask the professionals to be honest about whether they foresee any issues with completing the tasks on time. Always add a couple weeks of buffer time, as larger renovations often hit unexpected bumps in the road – especially when significant demo needs to be done.

3. Where Can You Find Honest Recommendations?

Ask around! Whether you reach out to your family, your friends, or your community, you’re likely to find people who are willing to give their opinion. Start with the individuals you truly trust, then work your way out from there. Make sure to do your own research for the recommended companies as well; check out their website and read through their reviews on Google and Facebook. Once you’ve narrowed it down to your top three options, directly ask those businesses for references and inspect completed projects in person, if you’re able to.

Throughout my years in the lending industry, I’ve collected great contacts around the Shuswap that may be able to assist with your home renovations. It would be my pleasure you connect you with my trusted partners, so get in touch with me today if you’re looking for more help!

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